Practice Areas

Business Matters

When it comes to running a business, legal matters can seem complicated and confusing. You do not have to go it alone. Meredith L Caliman can assist you with managing your business affairs, as well as providing expert legal advice on anything from forming your business entity to avoiding problems as you operate – and even termination should you decide to sell or close down.


Contracts are part of the day-to-day operations of a business. If you need a contract reviewed or drafted, let Meredith L Caliman help.

Civil Litigation

As a full service practice, Meredith L Caliman can handle most areas of business law for her clients, including litigation. If a business dispute has developed to the point where negotiations haven’t been able to resolve it and a lawsuit either has been or needs to be filed, you can rest assured that Meredith L Caliman will help guide you through the process and stand ready to represent you and your business.

Real Estate

Looking for a place for your business to call home? Found a space but need to make sure that the landlord’s lease doesn’t include any nasty surprises? Are you having a dispute with the neighbor over how land is used or what the boundaries might be? Need to evict a problem tenant? Real estate issues arise in many forms. Make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities with assistance from Meredith L. Caliman.


When it comes to construction, it is seldom a simple affair. If you're having legal dispute over a construction project, don't hesitate to call Meredith L Caliman. With over 25 years of expertise to draw on, she will help you navigate the issues, whether you are the property owner or the contractor.